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  2. Space of Japanese paper OPEN

Space of Japanese paper OPEN

Japanese paper art space interwoven by Japanese and French artisans

  • Ehime Prefecture Uchiko town It is a traditional industry of Igazaki "handmade Japanese paper"

    Uzaki Japanese paper produced by a technique called "sinking" using the clear stream of the Odagawa river.
    The name appeared in the literature of the Heian era in the old days, and in the Edo (time period) it developed as a major industry of the clan.
  • Guildding which is a traditional technique of France

    Guildding is a traditional French technique that draws patterns with thinly stretched metal foil.Originally the artisans reproduce the method used for frame decoration even on paper.
  • ~Traditional craft "Uzaki Washi" and French gold leaf technique "Guildding"~
    Representation of a unique sum produced by the soft expression of Japanese paper and the presence of the guilding foil releasing

    I hope you feel a little bit more of the new charm of Japanese paper.
    The hotel treats Gilding Japanese paper to the floor and guest rooms and welcomes you.
  • The floor on the 9th floor is in the art space
  • Gilding washi decorated in the guest room