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  2. Space of Japanese paper OPEN

Space of Japanese paper OPEN

Japanese paper art space interwoven by Japanese and French artisans

  • "Tesuki Washi" which is a traditional industry in Ikazaki, Uchiko Town, Ehime Prefecture

    Ikazaki Washi is produced by a technique called "Nagashizuki" using the clear stream of Odagawa River.
    In ancient times, the name appeared in the Heian Time Period literature, and it developed as a major industry in the Edo (time period).
  • Gilding is a French tradition technique

    Gilding is a traditional French technique for drawing patterns in thin and stretched metal foil. Originally the artisans reproduce the method used for frame decoration even on paper.
  • ~Traditional craft "Ikazaki Washi" and French gilding technique "Gilding"~
    The unique expression of the sum produced by the soft expression of Japanese paper and the presence of Gilding foil

    I hope you feel a little bit more of the new charm of Japanese paper.
    In this facility, Gilding Washi will be treated on the floor and in the rooms to welcome you.
  • The floor on the 9th floor is in the art space
  • Gilding Washi decorated in the guest room